Founder of Abundant Mamahood

Mistral is an incredible burst of fresh air. She is the perfect mix of strength and grace, and a fierce but gentle leader, guide, mentor, facilitator and ultimately friend.


I love watching her courses, talks and content because she is always lit up completely when she talks, yet she has an incredible grounding ability to listen and truly see and hear you at the same time.


She embodies flow, expansion, abundance and compassion and holds space with ultimate authority. She doesn’t just talk the talk, her whole life is an embodiment and an expression of her higher vision, mission and purpose.


I’m so grateful that my paths crossed with Mistral as she has become one of the major sources of inspiration in my life, and a compass for me to know when I’m on (or off) track.


She is deeply knowledgable, wise and knows how to guide you straight into your own power.


She always shows up as the fully expressed version of her Self, so I always feel completely safe and that I have permission be the fully expressed version of me around her too.


I 100% recommend Mistral as a thought leader, a coach, a guide, a mentor and a women’s empowerment facilitator in any field, and particularly in her soul work of rising empowered feminine leadership.